About the effect of Shichimi Onsen

Recovery from fatigue is, of course, effective for various diseases

customer's voice

The disc herniation that has suffered for 23 years has been improved in just 3 days.

We learned Shichimi Onsen last year on the Internet. I went out for 2 days and 3 nights of hot water treatment. I had a pain in the lower back and legs due to a disc herniation, and I went to a nearby orthopedic surgery, but I was not improved very much, I heard that the hot spring was good and I went to the various hot springs for the hot spring. Yes. Shichimi Onsen also entered for about 3 days without expectation, but the pain in the lower back and legs was relieved before long. I was surprised that it was visible and pain was relieved in just 3 days. I'm looking forward to going to Hotaji this year.

The scar of surgery is only 2 days...

I had breast cancer surgery four years ago and my chest and back are hurt.
Two years later, I noticed that around the wound was bubbling, and when I went to the hospital, the fat that had been melted under the influence of radiation became muddy and purulent.
It was a little bit incised and put out pus. My chest got really messed up with the wound at the time of surgery and the wound when I got pus. At that time, my mother said, "Let's go because there is a very good hot spring," and I was able to do this for 2 nights and 3 days.
When I looked at the wound in the mirror on the night of the second night, I couldn't believe, "Are you something?" I was really surprised just because I did not expect it.

Double improvement of sore throat and atopy.

Hospitalized for sudden breathing difficulties.
I was diagnosed with sore throat and hospitalized for about 10 days, but I did not get rid of it completely, and it became difficult to speak.
Therefore acquaintances recommended the hot spring therapy of Shichimi Onsen.
I also suffer from atopic dermatitis, and I hope this will improve as well, and going back from October to December, once a month will return voice, and itching and gasagasa due to atopy will improve. The It is effective for all kinds of diseases.

About the other effect

Diseases of nervous system including rheumatism

Rheumatoid arthritis, which tends to cause symptoms, can reduce inflammation and relieve pain by warming. You can also expect the effect of making joints easier to bend by soaking in warm water and improving circulation. Because the force applied to the joints is reduced by buoyancy, pain will be easier. This is because the improvement and cure of the symptoms by the enhancement of the adrenocortical function is recognized. Enhancement of adrenocortical function → It is said that secretion of steroid hormone is increased and it leads to promoting self-healing.

Atopic dermatitis, other skin diseases

Atopic dermatitis has been added to the effects of sulfur springs and acid springs due to the revision of the Hot Spring Law in 2014. Shichimi hot spring is said to have a strong bactericidal activity due to the action of strong acidic hot spring water and manganese ion and iodine contained in the ingredients, and it is said to have the effect of improving the symptoms of the skin, and the skin with manganese ion damaged It is also said that it has the effect of enhancing the power. In fact, the acupuncture of the hotel has also improved atopic dermatitis, which was not effective in medicine. In addition, it is effective against so-called chronic skin diseases such as tinea, Widahl's lichen, chronic eczema, odontosis etc.

Spinal and cerebral infantile palsy

In the case of child paralysis, when half of the surveyed cases were observed by electromyography, the discharge interval became narrow and the increase in amplitude was also confirmed, but a clear enhancement of muscle function was confirmed, but a long period of 45 days or more was confirmed. It is premised on a bath. In cerebral infantile palsy, in 60% of the survey cases, remarkable effects such as strengthening of the limbs of the affected limb, reduction of neck rest, improvement of claudication and stinging, facilitation of body movement, improvement of convulsions and speech condition It is clear that there are.

Diabetes mellitus

The advantage that people with diabetes and a reserve army are immersed in hot springs is that they can consume a large amount of energy.
According to research by the Japanese hot spring climate physical medicine community, when entering hot water at 42 ° C for 10 minutes, body temperature rises by 2 ° C and basal metabolism increases.
Generally, it is said that it can consume 30-40 kcal of energy in 10 minutes. As basal metabolism increases, the action of insulin also becomes active, and a drop in blood glucose levels can be expected.