Served with the mountain's specialties and river's delicacies

Enjoy seasonal dishes around the hearth

The hearth is warm and can be used for cooking, so it can be used widely.
It was often seen a long time ago in Japan, especially in cold weather areas. At Keizan Pass, Shinshu's seasonal mountain products, river products, and features are prepared on a timely basis, and we continue to convey the warmth of enclosing the hearth and the deliciousness of charcoal grilled dishes.
We hope that you can feel the warmth of the good old days through the carefully grilled dishes using charcoal.

Hearth dining room

There are a hearth dining room and a private room hearth dining room, which can be used for 35 people, as a dining area at Keizantei.
Enjoy the local cuisine such as wild vegetables and Shinshu beef while enclosing the hearth.
In addition, please feel free to contact us as we cope with children's allergies and likes and dislikes.