A soak in the scent of trees, soak in the tranquility

Shichimi Onsen

Shichimi Onsen, which overlooks the mountains in the four seasons while feeling the wind that blows through the mountains, is a "natural benefit of nature", a very valuable natural resource.
The spacious outdoor bath where you can enjoy the open feeling of nature, you can warm from the core of the body while enjoying the pleasant wind. Please enjoy the proud source slowly.

The bounty of nature, "Megumi no yu"

In the wilderness bath surrounded by trees, please spend a blissful time to enjoy the sound of the wind, the voice of the birds, the sound of the sermon of Matsukawa, and a sense of unity with the rich nature.
A gift from the earth, a hot spring of the earth's blessings. A beautiful bluish beautiful milky white water. Guests can use the service.

Private open-air bath, "Seseragi no yu"

In this wilderness, while enjoying the scenery of each season, it warms up slowly, and the mind and body are calm.
The scenery covered with winter snow is also very popular. White steam rising from milky white water.
In a world where everything is white, it will surely make you feel well.

Spring quality
Simple sulfur spring, sulfur containing sodium and calcium spring
Gastrointestinal diseases, rheumatic diseases, diabetes, hypertension, motor organ disorder, arteriosclerosis, incisions, chronic nocturnal skin diseases, chronic wet skin, menstrual disorders ovarian dysfunction, menopausal disorders, childhood paralysis etc.
Amount of cocoon
About 880 liters per minute
Hot spring
No water addition, no heating, no sink